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Heading up the Cape West Coast? Why not stop in at Paternoster?

Posted in Paternoster on Jun 09, 2016

Heading up the Cape West Coast? Why not stop in at Paternoster?

If you have ever considered or contemplated a trip for an amazing experience then take a short drive up the R27 (west coast road) and head for the quintessential seaside village of Paternoster .

Just a short trip up the west coast on the well maintained tar road ( R27), just outside Cape Town you will discover a seaside village masked in history, which today, still lives in the era of tranquility and humbleness.

This unpretentious village, with restaurants and accommodation establishments aplenty, has a ship wreck to recognize as its founding + consequent development over the centuries. 

The local seafaring community, who make their living from the lush Atlantic sea, start each day by preparing for sea and return with their worthy catches in the afternoon. This succession of events helps keep the many local restaurants supplied with fresh produce for the many travelling visitor & guest throughout the year.

This seaside village balloons during the summer and traditional holiday months, as many a prior visitor has broadcast the word, that Paternoster is a genuine gem with good folk, great hospitality and an unlimited relaxing atmosphere.
Paternoster offers, little Cape Dutch style fishing cottages, the Paternoster hotel, Paternoster Lodge and other self-catering lodgings as accommodation breakaways - there are plenty of options so whatever your budget -there will be an option for you.

The area surrounding Paternoster offers exciting and adventurous outdoor activities for the young and the old. The indigenous flowers along the coast provide great viewings - one day the fields are brownish green and after the rains the country side is transformed into a carpet of spectacular colours. The viewings are during the months of July to September- so book your accommodation well in advance in order to avoid missing out on this phenomenon.

The countryside is perfect for outdoor hiking, rugged trail walks, mountain biking, surfing, beach relaxing, and Ocean swimming, diving, Ocean kayaking and boat trips. Cultural experiences such as the pottery studio, the West coast fossil park and the Cape Columbine lighthouse should also be entertained.

The Ocean catch, which is brought in every day, is prepared in all the restaurants, and makes for some of the most delicious and scrumptious seafood meals. These delicious meals are complemented by the many seaside vistas and will make for a flawless setting for your next weekend break or longer vacation.